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Biogas power generation has many advantages, such as efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection. It is a widely distributed and cheap distributed energy market. Market research shows that biogas power generation has attracted extensive attention and actively promoted in developed countries.

沼氣發電技術是集環保和節能于一體的能源綜合利用新技術。它是利用工業、農業或城鎮生活中的大量有機廢棄物,經厭氧發酵處理產生的沼氣,驅動沼氣發電機組發電,并可充分將發電機組的余熱用于沼氣生產。 沼氣發電熱電聯產項目的熱效率,視發電設備的不同而有較大的區別,如使用燃氣內燃機,其熱效率為70%~75%之間,而如使用燃氣透平和余熱鍋爐,在補燃的情況下,熱效率可以達到90%以上。


Biogas power generation technology is a new technology of energy comprehensive utilization which integrates environmental protection and energy saving. It is the use of a large number of organic waste industry, agriculture or urban life, the biogas anaerobic fermentation treatment, biogas power generation waste heat driven, and fully generating units for biogas production. The thermal efficiency of biogas power cogeneration projects, as power devices are different and the difference is larger, such as the use of gas engine, its thermal efficiency is between 70%~75%, and such as the use of gas turbine and boiler, in afterburning condition, the thermal efficiency can reach above 90%.


Biogas power generation technology itself is clean energy, not only to solve the environmental problems, the biogas project in consume a lot of waste, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, produced a lot of energy and electrical energy, with energy recycling concept of environmental protection, but also bring huge economic benefits.

D88尊龙沼氣發電原理: 首先就是要先從沼氣講起,沼氣是部分有機物經過封閉式的厭氧發酵,發酵后就會含有部分沼氣,然后經過收集。現在大部分都是生活垃圾或者污水COD含量高的企業沼氣量比較充足。

D88尊龙Biogas power generation principle: first of all, it is necessary to start from biogas, biogas is part of organic matter, through closed anaerobic fermentation, fermentation will contain some methane, and then collected. Now, most of them are domestic waste or sewage, and the enterprises with high COD content are relatively abundant in methane.


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