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Gas generator set is an economical and practical generator set with the following characteristics:


1, gas generator set up operation cost is low: it is a new power, can turn waste into environment-friendly clean type.


2 、 the noise of gas generator is small. Because the steam turbine is in the form of high speed torsion, its vibration is very small, and it is superior to the diesel generator set in low frequency noise.



3 、 Turbocharger matching optimization mainly through the Turbocharger matching optimization to achieve low-speed big torque and faster transient response performance.

4、瓦斯發電機組使用的可燃性氣體是潔凈、廉價的動力 ,燃料的發電機組不僅是運轉牢靠,本錢低,并且能變廢為寶,不會發生污染。

D88尊龙4. The combustible gas used by the gas generator sets is clean and cheap power. The fuel generating units are not only reliable in operation, low in cost, but also capable of turning waste into treasure and without pollution.

D88尊龙5、進排氣組織要合理并通過凸輪軸相位的優化設計,充氣效率要可較高保證、減少掃氣帶來的燃料損失及HC 排放、降低排氣溫度。

5, the inlet and exhaust organization should be reasonable, and through the camshaft phase optimization design, inflatable efficiency can be higher guarantee, reduce the scavenging gas fuel loss and HC emissions, reduce exhaust temperature.


6 、 gas generator set start-up function is good, the success rate of start-up is high. The gas turbine generator set can guarantee the success rate of starting in any situation, temperature and weather.

D88尊龙7、進排氣管系統的優質化設計,減少流程阻力,大限度的提高各缸均勻性。氣門及座圈優化設計 針對燃氣發動機無炭潤滑問題,選用耐高溫、耐腐蝕、自潤滑性能好的材料設計專用氣門,氣門閥座和氣門壽命與柴油機相同。

D88尊龙7 、 high quality design of intake and exhaust pipe system to reduce process resistance and maximize uniformity of cylinder. The optimum design of valve and seat is aimed at the non carbon lubrication problem of gas engine. The special valve with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good lubricity is designed. The valve seat and valve life are the same as that of diesel engine.


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