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D88尊龙The gas generator can be applied to the field of weather power, landfill, oil associated gas, shale gas, coal gas, farms, food waste processing, processing of large and medium-sized industrial production of biogas, organic wastewater steelmaking plant, refining coal plants and other fields.



A methane based gas, such as fossil oil or gas. Judging from the product identification and actual operation, the gas turbine generator set as an AC standby power supply is undoubtedly a high quality and reliable power supply equipment, and has broad application prospects.


D88尊龙Because of the metal material, the precision of the machining, the technical difficulty of manufacture and the complexity of the test, the production cost of the gas turbine is much higher than that of the diesel engine. The gas generator set can save the following costs compared with the diesel generator set:


(1) cost of environmental protection administration.


(2) there is no special requirement for the installation of the foundation, and the basic cost can be saved.


(3) maintenance cost.


D88尊龙(4) no cooling water system is required. The application environment is wider and the reliability is improved.


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