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The gas turbine to power the most economical method is to use the remaining power into the public grid, the heat is first satisfied fermentation tank is required, then think about heating or transported to the farm, he shared the heating network.


D88尊龙1, gas desulfurization and pressure regulation, explosion protection equipment: for the use of methane engine start through desulfurization equipment, to reduce hydrogen sulfide corrosion on the starting machine. The equipment is regulated on the inlet pipe of methane so as to adjust the flow rate and reach the optimum air fuel ratio.



2, intake conditioning system: in the intake manifold, you need to set up a set of accurate, active gas mixer to regulate the mixing of air and methane.


D88尊龙3, the engine burning system: gas burning speed, using gasoline and diesel is about the original and natural gas engine firing system should be reformed to some extent, in order to improve the burning power cut after burning appearance, extended working life.


4, speed control system: if the biogas generator set work independently, that is, the use of electrical equipment for the load, the use of power equipment and unloading will make the load of the generator has been shaken.


5, preheating system: the use of preheating equipment, the engine cooling water and exhaust heat to use, to improve the power of biogas power use.


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