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The tail gate of the gas generator set is provided with an operation check gate so as to operate the generator set, and a sound insulation observation window is arranged on the door so as to observe the running condition of the unit when the operation is carried out. In addition, both sides of the car body are provided with large size inspection doors, so as to facilitate the operation and maintenance at ordinary times.



D88尊龙The fuel consumed by the engine has partial heat loss and radiation to the surrounding air. As a result, the temperature in the box is increased, and the performance of the switch and generator set is affected. The mute box of the company has the inlet and outlet which is required by the ventilation of the generator set to ensure the ventilation volume in the cabin, and the cooling effect of the generator set can be obtained by arranging the position of the air inlet and the air outlet reasonably.

D88尊龙瓦斯發電機組箱體從隔聲、吸聲、消聲三個方面對發電機組的噪聲進行處理。隔聲包括鋼板制作的隔聲廂體、隔聲檢修門以及隔聲觀察窗。為防止發電機組的噪聲在廂體內多次反射產生混響聲使發電機組產生的噪聲級更一步升高,靜音廂體內貼阻燃的吸聲 材料。另外為了防止噪聲通過進、排風口往外傳播,靜音廂的進、排風口均進行消聲處理。

D88尊龙The box of the gas generator unit is treated from three aspects of sound insulation, sound absorption and noise elimination. The sound insulation includes the soundproof box body made of steel plate, the sound insulation inspection door and the sound insulation observation window. In order to prevent the noise of the generating set from being reflected repeatedly in the car body, the reverberation sound is generated, so that the noise level generated by the generator unit is increased step by step, and the sound absorption material with high efficiency and flame resistance is arranged in the silencing box. In addition, in order to prevent noise from passing through the inlet and outlet, the air inlet and outlet of the mute car are treated with noise elimination.


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