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D88尊龙There are two kinds of air filter in gas generator set: common type and desert type. The common use environment is generally equipped with common air filter, desert area and high dust use environment are generally equipped with desert air filter.


D88尊龙1 desert air filter


When air is inhaled from the pre filter mesh around the body, to guide the swirl blade generated by high-speed rotation, the dust particles in the air under the action of centrifugal force was thrown, drops into the dust in the cup, through the bottom of dust can be discharged regularly duckbill dust. The clean air enters the filter in the opposite direction through the central passage of the vortex tube.



The paper filter core fine filter is composed of the main filter element and the safety filter element two layers. The main filter core is a paper filter element, and the safety filter element is a cotton filter element. The two filter cores are folded and formed with filter paper, and the inner and outer surfaces are provided with metal shells with holes, so as to increase rigidity and prevent the filter core from damaging. In use, the damaged when the main filter, a safety filter, can still play a further role. When sent by the coarse filter air passes through the filter paper on the two hole, into the middle of the cavity, the tiny dust in the air is prevented in the paper core outside, clean air from the lower part of the outlet connecting pipe directly into the supercharger compressor.


2 ordinary air filter


When working, the air from the inlet side of the filter shell cavity directly by inhalation, passes through the microporous filter and safety element on the filter paper, into the middle of the cavity, the tiny dust in the air is prevented in the paper core outside, clean air from the lower outlet directly into the mixer.

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