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D88尊龙With the increasing awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of biogas generator is also increasing, biogas power generation unit can be used to produce different treatment of biogas power generation, energy saving and environmental protection not only, also can bring economic benefits for the user. The following principles and advantages of biogas generator sets are as follows:


Biogas power generation technology itself is clean energy, not only to solve the environmental problems, the biogas project in consume a lot of waste, protect the environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, produced a lot of energy and electrical energy, with energy recycling concept of environmental protection, but also bring huge economic benefits.



Biogas power generation technology is a new technology of energy comprehensive utilization which integrates environmental protection and energy saving. It is the use of a large number of organic waste industry, agriculture or urban life, the biogas anaerobic fermentation treatment, biogas power generation waste heat driven, and fully generating units for biogas production, the comprehensive heat efficiency of 80%, significantly higher than the average power efficiency of 30% -40%, significant economic benefits.


Only for biogas centralized gas supply and heating, the coverage is limited, the reliability is relatively low, and the use of methane as fuel for power generation in power generation, power generation with biogas production flexibility to adjust the amount of change can make full use of biogas.

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