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The gas generator set is a new type of generating set that ADAPTS to the world environmental protection requirement and the new environment of the market. The operation mode of the gas generator set is different according to the user's usage. 


The single unit of the unit is carried independently, and it is not connected to the Internet. 


D88尊龙2, multiple units will be carried in parallel and not connected. 


Single or multiple units will be connected to the grid. 


When the power grid is not electric, the power grid will be run after the power grid has been restored. 



D88尊龙Engine and generator coaxial connection, and in the whole machine chassis, and then connect the mufflers and speed on the engine, the fuel gas source to the gas channel, within the engine connected to the engine belt pull recoil starter and connect the output of the generator voltage regulator. The combustible gas in the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or methane. Using gas-fired generator sets and gas-fired generator sets, the gas-fired generation unit reduces the pollution of the environment and is an energy-saving energy-saving generator. And the structure is simple, using safety and reliability, output voltage and frequency stability. 


The filter is used to protect the valve in the gas line, and the aperture of the filter should not be greater than 1.5 MM. Gas regulator, filter unit is the main and key process of gas transmission and distribution equipment, mainly to undertake the function of the voltage regulator and the regulated, while also undertake filtering, add smelly, gas metering, distribution of one or more of the functions. 

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