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D88尊龙  雖然近年來煤炭在我國一次能源消費中所占比重逐步降低,但基于我國的能源資源供給現狀,在相當長的時期內,煤炭作為我國主體能源的地位不會發生根本性轉變。

D88尊龙Although in recent years the coal in primary energy consumption in China accounted for gradually reducing, but based on our country's energy resources supply situation, for a long period of time, the status of the coal as main energy in our country fundamental shift will not occur. 



D88尊龙In our country at present is given priority to with direct combustion and the single conversion of coal resource utilization, accounting for 80% of the total coal consumption and basically use of fuel properties of coal, not only wastes the coal molecular some of the useful components and economic losses, also brought the environmental pollution problem. Phase coupling, therefore, to develop a variety of techniques can be clean, efficient, environmental protection to realize coal conversion and utilization technology, is the current development of coal chemical industry of our country must solve the problem. 


In this context, the use of coal is highly concerned. Points for use do not pursue coal transformed completely in a single process, but pay attention to maximize the efficiency of the overall resources, and in the process to realize the pollutant concentration control. Points, however, at present our country coal pyrolysis using the technology is mainly in the production of semi-coke, tar, gas phase, technical maturity is low, serious product homogeneity, mode of production is more extensive. 


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