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Biomass gasification power generation technology refers to the conversion of biomass into a gas fuel in the gasifier, after purification directly into the gas turbine to generate electricity or enter the fuel cell power generation. One of the key skills of gasification power generation gas purification, gas was obtained with certain impurities such as ash, coke and tar etc.. To remove the impurities through the purification system to ensure the normal operation of power generation equipment.



D88尊龙Biomass gasification power generation can be divided into internal incineration power generation, steam turbine power generation, gas steam combined cycle power generation system and fuel cell power generation system, etc.. The internal combustion engine is usually required in the transformation of the diesel engine based on contingent gas machine, in order to adapt to the characteristics of biomass of low calorific value gas; gas turbine is suitable for burning low calorific value, high impurity and planning large biomass gas; gas - steam combined cycle power generation system can improve the step power; fuel cell power generation is to make fuel and oxidizer agent under the condition of certain chemical reactiongenerate to convert chemical energy into electricity and heat process, power generation of the fuel cell body is high, the total thermal power cogeneration can reach more than 80%.


Biomass direct combustion power generation is the direct combustion of biomass in the boiler, steam generation and steam turbine generator. The key technologies of biomass direct combustion power generation include: pretreatment of biomass material, corrosion of boiler, practicability of boiler material, fuel efficiency, steam turbine efficiency and so on.


D88尊龙The biomass direct combustion power generation method is fixed bed or fluidized bed combustion, and the requirements of the pretreatment of the fixed bed combustion on biomass materials are low. Fluidized bed combustion requires that large amounts of biomass can be processed in advance to the particles which are easy to be decomposed.


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