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D88尊龙(1) Flue gas type. The waste heat of flue gas is used to draw refrigeration units together to refrigerate commercial residential buildings.


The waste heat recovery system and the integrated unit of the generating unit are integrated on a common land, so that the waste heat recovery of the generating unit can be stopped, and the comprehensive thermal efficiency of the gas can reach more than 85%. According to the different needs of users, hot water, steam and heat acceptance unit refrigeration (chp and cchp) can be separated.



(2) Steam type. The residual heat of flue gas can be used to breed saturated or superheated steam. As ordinary as that, a 1 MW biogas generating unit can produce 1.0 tons of saturated steam with a steam pressure of 0.6 mpa, which can be used as steam.


D88尊龙(3) Hot water type. By using the waste heat of the generator, hot water with a temperature of 90 C can be bred, resulting in a higher temperature. This method can be used to alleviate the heat preservation of anaerobic fermentation tank or to provide hot water for daily life, which is widely used in the northern region.


D88尊龙(4) Generation type. Utilize the waste heat of the generator to generate electricity by contracting the power machine with the common screw. A 70 kW screw shrinkage power generator can be installed to generate electricity by using exhaust waste heat of a 1 MW natural gas generating unit.


At the beginning, the large-scale aquaculture farms in our country were as ordinary as those built in remote rural areas. The users of left and near are not hot, steam and cold sources are very few. Therefore, using the first method to supply high-temperature hot water and heat preservation for anaerobic fermentation ponds can save the cost of burning coal or gas.