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Today, we Ji'nan gas turbine manufacturers to introduce a small series of gas generators should be how to type?
A reference for the selection of biogas generating units
At present domestic biogas power generation project, dominated by imported brands, mainly Waukesha, jenbacher, DEUTZ, Germany's man. Although there is a certain gap between the performance of domestic units, but the price is low.
Two, type selection and system configuration reference recommendations
1000KW about the market share of biogas generating units is the highest, price is also the highest, maintenance, repair, maintenance costs are relatively low;
when more than one unit, it is appropriate to use the same specifications of the 1000KW, to reduce operating costs and spare parts storage. The number of small, choose a smaller power. For example, a 1000KW plus a 500KW, easy to adjust the output power in a large amount of gas change, to ensure that the units in more than 70% of the output power;
according to the appropriate selection of gas production capacity, to avoid idle equipment or waste of methane;
the high efficiency of biogas generating units means that in the same gas consumption can send more electricity, gas generating units online rate means less downtime, less waste gas power generation;
gas purity, or gas treatment was at the time, a major overhaul period of up to 50000 ~ 60000 hours, generally up to 40000 ~ 30000 hours. But some units only reach 20000 ~ 10000 hours;
biogas containing trace of corrosive components, oil pollution, the consumption will be greater than the use of natural gas, oil is a kind of main consumables, in operation cost occupies a share. But the difference of oil consumption of different brand units is great;
the price of spare parts have many times the difference, pay special attention to supplies, such as spark plug price. Directly related to the operating costs, complete spare parts reserves can greatly shorten the downtime, increase the power generation.