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D88尊龙1. Reference Initiative for Type Selection of Biogas Generators


At present, the main domestic biogas power generation projects are imported brands, mainly Wakshire, Yanbach, Caterpillar, Gauss Cole, Dowitz, German Mann and so on. Although there is a certain gap in the performance of domestic units, the price is low.


II. Selection and System Configuration Reference Initiative


(1) Select the appropriate installed capacity according to the output of biogas to prevent idle equipment or waste of biogas;


(2) About 1000KW biogas generating units have a high market share and a high cost-effective ratio, and the cost of maintenance, maintenance and maintenance is comparatively low.



(3) When there are many units, the same specification of 1000KW should be selected to reduce operation cost and spare parts storage. When the number of stations is small, choose one with smaller power. For example, a 1000KW unit plus a 500KW unit can adjust the output power when the temperament changes greatly, and ensure the output of the unit at more than 70% of the power.


D88尊龙(4) High power generation efficiency of biogas generating units means that more power can be generated when the same gas is consumed;


(5) High on-line rate of gas-fired generating units means less downtime, less methane waste and more power generation.


D88尊龙(6) When the gas is pure, or when the gas is disposed of properly, the overhaul period of the unit can reach 50,000-60,000 hours, and that of the general unit can reach 30,000-40,000 hours. But some units only have 10,000 to 20,000 hours.


(7) Biogas contains a small amount of corrosive components, which pollutes the oil. The consumption of biogas is larger than that of natural gas. Oil is one of the main consumables and occupies a certain share of the operating cost. The oil consumption of different brand units is quite different.


D88尊龙(8) The price of spare parts varies by several times. Special attention should be paid to consumables, such as spark plugs. It is directly related to the operation cost.


(9) Complete storage of spare parts can greatly shorten downtime and increase power generation;


D88尊龙(10) Whether the maintenance team can arrive at the site in a short time is very important to ensure the operation time.


D88尊龙(11) Gas-fired generating unit is a large-scale valuable equipment, which should focus on long-term comprehensive evaluation. Comprehensive price is more important than price.


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