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Biogas generator set is a new type of power generation equipment, known as the sunrise industry, in recent years has been widespread concern and development. As far as the unit itself is concerned, it is a complex structure. That today, Ji'nan, we have a small gas generator set up to introduce to you is how to replace the gas turbine oil?
First of all, every time the replacement of oil and oil filter should be replaced, and then re fill oil. Add the oil can not exceed the maximum capacity to prevent damage to the machine.
Secondly, do not use the hand to touch the oil, it is hot, and be careful to hurt the body. When the engine is at operating temperature, the used oil drain. In this process, you should use a large enough container to prevent the engine oil from overflowing.
Finally, let the machine run for about 10 seconds, if the oil pressure is not increased, immediately turn off the engine. Then check the oil pressure to see if there is a leak. Know to eliminate obstacles, the normal use of the unit so far.