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Damage of thermostat


D88尊龙If the water temperature of the generator is too high, it is usually due to the failure of the thermostat, which slows down the large circulation velocity of the coolant, so it is necessary to buy a new thermostat to replace it.


1. Solution to Cracking of Fan Belt

發電機的電扇皮帶損壞,應立即停機進行替換。假如當下沒有條件更行替換,能夠將原電扇皮帶的斷口兩頭鉆兩個小孔,再用粗金屬絲把斷皮帶銜接進來做應急運用。需求留意的是,鉆孔和斷面間應保存恰當的間隔,防止將孔拉裂,金屬絲的接頭應留在皮帶的外側,皮帶不要調的過緊。假如電扇皮帶損壞較嚴峻無法銜接,能夠把繩子或布帶、牛皮帶用鐵絲扎緊,編制成一根暫時運用的皮帶。格外要留意長短和粗細應與原皮帶持平,繩頭應當夾在中心綁好。 3、散熱器水管漏水

If the fan belt of the generator is damaged, it should be stopped immediately and replaced. If there is no condition for replacement, two small holes can be drilled at both ends of the original fan belt fracture, and then the broken belt can be connected by thick wire for emergency use. It should be noted that proper intervals should be maintained between drilling holes and sections to prevent holes from being pulled apart. The metal wire joints should be left on the outside of the belt and the belt should not be adjusted too tightly. If the fan belt is severely damaged and can not be connected, the rope or cloth belt and cow belt can be tightened with iron wire to weave into a temporary belt. Special attention should be paid to the length and thickness of the belt should be equal to the original belt, and the rope head should be tied in the center. 3. Leakage of radiator water pipe



D88尊龙During the use of the generator, the water temperature inside the radiator pipe is too high and the temperature outside is too low. Or because of the oscillation of the generator set, it is easy to cause the leakage of water pipes in the water tank. Water leakage in the water tank of the generating unit can put the loose tobacco into the water tank, and make use of the pressure of water circulation to make the tobacco blocked in the leakage of the radiator pipe for temporary use. If the leakage of radiator pipe in water tank is serious, it can cut off the leak, then apply cotton ball on the cut radiator pipe, then use pliers to clamp the head of the cut radiator pipe flat, and then roll the edge and press tightly to stop the leakage.


D88尊龙Water pump leakage


Aluminum pump is used in generator, sometimes the seal is not tight. The water seal surface should be grinded flat, or the water seal should be reversed 180 degrees before installation and application. If the thrust rubber ring is damaged, inflated and deformed, the tension spring lacks elasticity, breaks and so on, it should be replaced, and when installing, remember not to press the tension spring to death.

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