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For hydrogen replenishment in generators, the following issues should be noted in sewage discharge:


(1) Liaison work should be done before sewage discharge and hydrogen replenishment, and the contents of operation should be explained.


D88尊龙(2) Before opening the valve, check the valve number accurately to prevent misoperation.


(3) Opening the valve for hydrogen replenishment or sewage discharge should be slow, so as to prevent the use of iron handlers to open the valve and avoid sparks;



(4) The purity of fresh hydrogen, oxygen and other gases should not be less than 99.5%, and the absolute humidity of hydrogen should not be less than 5 g/m 3.


D88尊龙(5) When making up hydrogen or sewage, pay attention to the allowable pressure range, pay attention to the change of hydrogen pressure and sealing oil pressure, and avoid the influence of too high or too low pressure on the safe operation of the unit;


D88尊龙(6) The exhaust gas should be discharged out of the factory building according to the designated pipeline, and should not be discharged indoors.


(7) After the completion of hydrogen replenishment and sewage discharge, check that the valves are normally closed, the pressure gauges at the upper and lower parts of the unit indicate the same, and notify the relevant personnel that the hydrogen replenishment and sewage discharge are completed;


(8) After the sewage discharge is completed, the chemical laboratory personnel shall be contacted in time for sampling and testing until the hydrogen parameters of the generator are up to standard.