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1., the first type of control is logic control of relay and semiconductor devices, which is simple and effective. Its disadvantages are many components, complex circuits, large volume and poor reliability. If you want to add functions, you need to modify the control circuit.


D88尊龙2. second kinds of control methods use the program controller to replace the semiconductor device logic circuit in the first way, make the hardware standardized, use the special language to make the programming easy; it is very convenient to change the control circuit with the software. The reliability is improved by using large scale integrated circuits to reduce the number of components and software with self checking function.



3., the third way of control is to replace the manual operation and management with microcomputer, and form a combination of program controller, standardized analog controller and microcomputer. It is easier to operate the whole process automation by connecting the start and stop, side by side, splitting and load distribution as independent units with microcomputer. But reserve measures should be taken to avoid losing control when the microcomputer is in trouble.


4., the fourth way of control is to use microcomputer or programmable logic controller (PLC) to realize the automatic control of diesel generator set power station. The hardware composition is simple, but reliable backup measures must be considered. This way makes full use of computer technology to turn ordinary units into automatic generating units. It not only achieves control, but also performs data processing and scientific computation. Its operation speed and accuracy are not satisfied, so it meets the control requirements. Its outstanding advantage is that the three central control programs are stored in the memory. The connection is limited to the connection of the detection components and the actuating components, so that the hardware and connection are simplified. Therefore, it has high reliability and wide adaptability, and is convenient for debugging and maintenance. Therefore, the fourth way of control is the development direction of the generator automation control system.