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In the process of coking production, the coal converted to coke oven gas accounts for about 15% of the initial total. At present, the coking industry is gradually developing to the finer direction. The fair use of coke oven gas will be a favorable way for the comprehensive benefit of coking enterprises to progress. The utilization of coke oven gas in the domestic industry is:


D88尊龙(1) large and medium-sized coking plants mainly provide civil gas to the surrounding towns. Their characteristics are: the scale of investment is large; the intermediate links are controlled by the gas company, which can not achieve the maximum benefit; the amount of consumption in winter is large, and the consumption in summer is small, because seasonal transformation energy cannot be fully utilized.


D88尊龙(2) small coking plant coke oven gas in addition to the boiler, most lit vent treatment, in addition to causing the waste of resources, but also caused great pollution to the environment.



D88尊龙With the implementation of China's "west to East Gas Transmission" project, the application of natural gas will inevitably replace a large part of the gas market. This is reflected in two aspects: one is that the price of natural gas will be lower than the gas. The west to east natural gas valve station price 1 ~ 1.3 yuan /m3 users, retail price 1.1 ~ 1.8 yuan /m3, the calorific value of unit price of about 0.22 yuan /m3, the price per unit and calorific value of artificial gas without considering the financial subsidies of about 0.34 ~ 0.41 yuan /m share 3. As can be seen by comparing the price of natural gas in gas has posed a great threat; two is in the geographical coverage, while the range of gas supply of natural gas is also smaller than the gas, but with the "west east" and "Russian gas for the South", "air sea landing near the" national key project the implementation of natural gas pipeline network will cover the northeast, North China, Southern China and other regions, the proportion of natural gas will have great progress in city gas.


Large and medium-sized coking enterprises need to find new ways to deal with the use of coke oven gas, reducing civilian gas demand in future; small coking plant requires it to find a reasonable way to use coke oven gas, waste, and improve enterprise benefit, to meet the requirements of the national and local government on environmental protection.


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