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1. 介紹

1. introduction


The method of using biomass gasification to generate electricity can not only solve the effective utilization of renewable energy, but also solve the environmental pollution of various organic wastes. It is based on the above reasons that biomass gasification power generation technology has been more and more research and application, and is becoming more and more perfect.

2. 發電方式編輯

2. power generation editing



Biomass gasification and power generation can be realized by three ways: biomass gasification generated gas as fuel directly into the production of steam gas boiler, then drive the steam turbine; gas can also be purified for gas turbine combustion power generation; gas can also be purified into direct power internal combustion engine. On the scale of power generation and investment, they correspond to large-scale, medium scale and small-scale power generation respectively.


The most commercially successful internal combustion of biomass gasification power generation technology, because of its small installed capacity, flexible layout, low investment, compact structure, reliable technology, low operation cost and remarkable economic benefit, simple operation and maintenance of gas quality and low demands, and are widely used.

3. 組成部分

D88尊龙3. component


D88尊龙The biomass gasification internal combustion system is mainly composed of gasifier, gas purification system and internal combustion generator, etc.


A gasifier is a device that transforms the biomass energy from a solid to a gas. In biomass gasification furnace by controlling the air supply, and incomplete combustion, realizing the transformation of low value biomass from solid to gas, including hydrogen generation (H2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH4), hydrocarbons (CnHm) gas and other combustible components, complete the process of biomass gasification.

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