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D88尊龙1. has a large cylinder diameter and long stroke, high power reserve advantages, suitable for the characteristics of coal seam gas fluctuation, can ensure the constant power output unit.


2. the gas concentration range is wide, and the advantages of low concentration unit are outstanding.


3. the rotational speed of the generator set is low, the engine wear is reduced, the service life of the machine parts is prolonged, and the reserve of spare parts is reduced.


D88尊龙4. the CBM engine developed the intelligent management system of gas engine, which can ensure the safe and efficient operation of gas engine and realize the remote monitoring of gas engine group.



D88尊龙The electronic control means 5. gas engine, gas engine can realize the real-time control of the air-fuel ratio and optimum ignition advance, the detonation ignition advance angle monitoring to achieve optimal control, make the engine work in the best condition, prevent the engine problems deflagration, intake pipe and exhaust pipe to fire and explosion, but also improve the power and economy engine.


The 6. exhaust pipe adopts water cooling structure, low exhaust temperature, full combustion and uniform temperature of each cylinder.


7., we adopted the ignition system of gas engine produced by ALTRONIC company in order to get high ignition heat and precise ignition time, and ensure the safety and reliability of ignition.


8. the multiple lines of defense are set up to ensure the safety of the coal seam and trachea.


9. the waste heat utilization system of exhaust gas is designed to make full use of the heat of high temperature flue gas to realize the combined supply of heat and power, so that the total heat utilization rate of the gas is above 70%.


10., high, medium and low voltage output to meet all kinds of needs of customers, avoid buying initial investment of transformer, reduce copper loss and reduce operation cost.


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