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D88尊龙First, select the manufacturer. At present, there are a wide variety of 50KW methane generating units on the market. In general, there are two kinds of specialties in planning and making according to gas characteristics and a brief transformation of diesel engines. The use of gas engine, especially because the methane gas pressure and the concentration time is changed, and the gas in the cylinder, the burning conditions worse than fuel, the engine needs necessary conditions of gas burning habits, and gas and air pressure in share, conditioning, perfect fire control skills, and the perennial development experience and data collection. Secondly, the model is selected according to the gas quantity.


Generally speaking, domestic gas internal combustion generator set electric power in 25%~39%, specialties, models are different, power generation power is different. It is important to determine the heat energy of the biogas, which is related to the total amount of biogas and the heat of the unit methane. Because methane and carbon dioxide are the main components of methane, the heat of methane is only considered by the unit of methane.



Third, select the level of reasonable and economic control. Generally speaking, professional manufacturers will have different equipment to choose from, for example, three basic control systems: basic type, fully active and fully active type.


Usually the fundamental unit can be set for normal operation; automatic equipment for computer control system, can intuitively show running condition, active storage operation data, and instructions on the computer control unit; automatic control system is the world first-class brand appropriate standards, in addition to a full active handling function unit, active operation, active adjustment of the operating parameters, selection of key components of all imported high-end products, high reliability. Fourth, do a good job of planning, planning and construction of power stations.


D88尊龙First of all, it fits the national power construction safety requirements. The best way is to invite professional knowledge and experienced planning units to supply planning. The planning process should be fully linked to the on-site conditions, so as to save as much investment as possible and make full use of the performance of 100kW biogas generating set.

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