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D88尊龙After 1 coke oven gas internal combustion engine generating units are installed in the local local power supply network, a set of grid connected synchronizing device is installed at the low voltage main switch of the total distribution room, and it can be used by the enterprise in the same time through the synchronization device and the low voltage of the power supply.


D88尊龙2, a set of reverse power protection module is installed at the low voltage main switch of the total distribution room, which can prevent the generator's power coming back to the power grid and cause accidents.


D88尊龙3 when the external power failure, low voltage switch through the inverse power module control circuit breaker tripping into isolated operation of generator, ensure the main equipment of fan, circulating ammonia pump constant electric and normal operation can be avoided; because coke oven fan stop caused by fireworks pollution, such as power can also be large enough to ensure the normal production of the coke oven.



4 when the external network is supplied again, the network can be reconnected to the net again through the total switch at the same time.


D88尊龙5, the generating unit can pass through the process control software to monitor the various parameters such as temperature, pressure, voltage and current of the generating set in real time, and automatically regulate the flow of gas and cooling water, so as to ensure the normal operation of the generator set.


For the coking enterprises, any power outage will cause huge loss, once the power tube, due to excessive pressure of coke oven coke oven gas rise, escape, are required to open the powder tube caused by smoke billowing from coke oven top emission, environmental protection is not allowed; because of coke furnace in waste gas can not be exported, the pressure is too high will cause the internal leak of the furnace body damage is also great, stop circulating ammonia circulation will cause great difficulties for gas cooling and tar derived; thus, using double loop uninterruptible power supply is crucial for enterprises.


Using coke oven surplus gas to generate electricity, one can solve the problem of power supply guarantee for coking enterprises. Two, it can also create economic benefits while saving energy and reducing emissions, and better solve the contradiction between gas waste, polluting the environment and purchasing electricity. Moreover, coke oven gas power generation technology is mature, with less investment and quick results. It is an effective way for small and medium sized coking enterprises to use less capital to get many aspects of income, and also has great significance for easing energy shortage in China.

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