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  When the diesel generator set oil leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon, will lead to increased oil consumption, accelerate the wear parts, power failure and so on. So be sure to repair in time. The following is the treatment of diesel generator sets oil leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon:


D88尊龙  1, add pad governance leakage method

D88尊龙  柴油發電機組油管接頭防漏墊圈處漏油,可在防漏墊圈的兩側加一層雙面光滑的薄塑料墊,用力擰緊即可防漏。

D88尊龙  The oil of diesel generator tubing joint gasket, with a thin plastic pad a layer of double smooth on both sides of the gasket, then tighten the leak.


  2, coating liquid leakage method

D88尊龙  柴油發電機組油箱、水箱、曲軸箱等接縫處滲漏,可將漆片放在酒精里浸泡之后,把漆片液涂抹在清洗干凈的接縫處即可治漏。但漆片成本高,一般在情況緊急時才使用。

D88尊龙  Oil tank, water tank, diesel generator crankshaft box joint leakage, can be done to soak in alcohol, paint smear at the seams can be cleaned leakage. But the paint cost is high, only use in an emergency.


D88尊龙  3, the oil treatment method


D88尊龙  Diesel generator oil leakage at the end of paper pad shell, cylinder cover, gear chamber cover, crankcase cover and other department, as long as the paper pad intact, joint surface cleaning, can be a layer of butter in the rub on the pad of paper, tighten the bolts can leak. If you use a new paper pad, before installing the new paper pad to soak in the diesel oil for 10 minutes, and then remove the clean, in the joint surface of a layer of butter and then loaded.


D88尊龙  4, liquid sealant leakage method


  Solid washer diesel generator on the defects (such as pit, trench, rupture) formed interface leakage and destructive leakage when applied in solid gasket clean on the joint surface with liquid sealant, after curing can form uniform and stable, continuous adhesion of strippable film washers, can prevent all leakage.


  5, anaerobic glue treatment method


  Leaking diesel generator on the ventilation of the bolt, stud bolt, screw plug etc, with anaerobic adhesive coated in the bolt, screw or screw hole clean, fast curing film forming, filling the part void, and can withstand greater pressure, but also has a strong anti shock and loose fastening function. Such as the use of diesel generator sets of high pressure oil pipe joint thread, the effect of better governance leakage.


  In 6, the size of the restoration of rubber governance leakage method


  The diesel generator on the shaft and the shaft sleeve, the bearing and the bearing seat, the valve and valve seat, self tight seal, and packing etc. the cup felt leakage, available size plastic coated with recovery of clean parts wear parts, etc. after curing, formed a thin layer heat and abrasion resistance, high mechanical strength then, turning, boring, scraping, filing and other mechanical processing, restore the part geometry and the matching accuracy, so as to solve the leakage problem.


D88尊龙  7, the method of sticking to glue


  Diesel generator on body parts, such as oil tank, water tank, oil pipe, water pipe etc. the blisters, pores cause leakage, with sticky glue onto clean breakage, leakage resistant effect can be received.


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