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  Gas generator sets of gas requirements, the following Xiaobian for you to explain:


  In the gas intake valve 1m


  The gas temperature are less than 40;

D88尊龙  瓦斯壓力3~20kpa,壓力變化率≤1kpa/min;

D88尊龙  The gas pressure 3~20kpa, pressure change rate is less than 1kpa/min;

D88尊龙  H2S≤200mg/Nm3;

D88尊龙  H2S = 200mg/Nm3;

D88尊龙  對于CH4體積含量≤30%的瓦斯,CH4和O2體積含量之和28%,O2體積含量≥16%;

D88尊龙  The gas volume content of CH4 is less than or equal to 30%, CH4 and O2 and the content of the 28% volume, the volume content of O2 is greater than or equal to 16%;

D88尊龙  瓦斯中水分含量≤40g/Nm3;

  The gas moisture content is less than 40g/Nm3;


  The impurity particle size less than or equal to 5 m, the impurity content is less than 30mg/Nm3;


D88尊龙  Note: if the high content of sulfur and ammonia gas, not only serious corrosion of spark plug electrodes, and the acid value of oil increased, corrosion unit internal parts, also easy to produce precipitate, increase of engine wear and corrosion. Suitable for high and low gas concentration. For low concentration gas transport, water mist delivery systems or related facilities are considered for safety reasons.


D88尊龙  The above is about the knowledge of gas generating units, I believe you have a relatively deep understanding of our products, if there are any problems do not understand, welcome to inquire, we sincerely welcome your presence.