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  We should all know some, know that biogas power generation is a big system, therefore, people in the biogas power generation, must control the biogas fermentation environment, to ensure the efficiency and quality of power generation. Thus in the formation of biogas power generation units should focus on the following factors, the following we Ji'nan biogas generator set manufacturers to introduce a small series:


D88尊龙  engine: the burning rate of biogas is very slow, so it has a higher requirement for the biogas engine.

D88尊龙  (2)進氣系統:在進氣總管上,需加裝一套沼氣一空氣混合器,以調節空燃比和混合氣進氣量。

  air intake system: in the intake manifold, a set of methane air mixer should be added to adjust the air fuel ratio and the mixed gas intake.


D88尊龙  methane desulfurization and pressure stabilizing, explosion proof device. In addition, in order to prevent the gas pipeline explosion caused by air inlet pipe, the gas pipeline should be placed on the gas supply pipeline to prevent the tempering and explosion proof device.

D88尊龙  (4)調速系統:沼氣發動機的運行場合是和發電機一起以用電設備為負荷進行運轉,為了確保發電機正常發電,沼氣發動機上的調速系統必不可少。

  speed regulation system: the operation situation of the biogas engine and generator together to use electrical equipment for load operation, in order to ensure the normal power generation of the generator, the speed control system on the biogas engine is essential.

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