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D88尊龙  今天我們濟南燃氣發電機組廠家小編給大家介紹的是柴油發電機組冒煙的原因有哪些?

  Today, we Ji'nan gas turbine manufacturers to introduce a small series of diesel generating units which are the reasons for the smoke?


  Diesel engine exhaust smoke black smoke diesel fuel is not fully combustion, in the case of high temperature decomposition of carbon emissions with a phenomenon. Black smoke exhaust, not only reduces the engine power, increase the consumption of diesel and easy formation of coke, shorten the service life of the engine. The reasons are as follows:


D88尊龙  Diesel atomization bad


  Reasons: (1) the injector pressure adjustment is too low; (2) injector adjusting pressure spring break or issuing; (3) injector needle valve and valve seat coke needle clamping stagnation or wear very; (4) the fuel pump out of the oil valve ring wear off very, the injector drop of oil.


  Two. Temperature and pressure drop due to compression at the end of the cylinder.

D88尊龙  (1)缸筒、活塞環磨損過多,活塞環安裝不正確或失去彈性造成氣缸漏氣;(2)氣門間隙過小,熱車時易被頂開,或氣門燒蝕、積炭造成氣缸密封不嚴;(3)缸蓋與機體,噴油器與缸蓋接合面漏氣;(4)氣門嚴重下陷,活塞與活塞銷,活塞銷與連桿小頭,連桿大頭與連桿軸頸間隙過大,使燃燒室容積增大,壓縮比下降。

D88尊龙  (1) cylinder, piston ring wear too much, piston ring is not installed correctly or loses its elasticity caused by leakage in cylinder; (2) valve clearance is too small. Thecar is easily open the top, or valve ablation, carbon deposition caused by cylinder seals; (3) head and body, fuel injector and the cylinder head bonding surface leakage; (4) valve serious subsidence, piston and piston pin, piston pin and connecting rod small head, big end of the connecting rod and connecting rod journal clearance is too large, so that the combustion chamber volume increases, compression ratio decreased.

D88尊龙  三、氣缸內新鮮空氣不足

D88尊龙  Three, the lack of fresh air in the cylinder


D88尊龙  Reasons: (1) the air cleaner element product too much dust; (2) the muffler rust, coke or oil; (3) intake and exhaust valve clearance is too large, the valve opening decreases; (4) the orchestration of the body parts loosening, wear, deformation, gear, camshaft and crankshaft timing gear relative position change device, valve open and closing time is incorrect.


D88尊龙  Four, supply time and fuel supply is not correct

D88尊龙  原因是:(1)供油時間過遲;(2)起動初期,氣體壓力和溫度較低,供油時間過早時;(3)噴油泵柱塞偶件磨損后加大供油行程使用;(4)噴油泵調節齒桿或拉桿行程過大,以致供油量過多。

  The reason is: (1) oil too late; (2) starting early, low gas pressure and temperature, fuel injection time too early; (3) fuel injection pump plunger and barrel parts wear increase oil trip use; (4) fuel pump adjustment of tooth rod or lever travel that oil supply amount is too much.


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