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  The generator is usually composed of stator, rotor, end cap and bearing. The stator consists of a stator iron core, coil winding machine, and other structures to fix those parts. The rotor core (or magnetic pole, a magnetic yoke) winding, retaining ring, ring, ring, fan shaft and other components.

D88尊龙  沼氣發電機組發電機由軸承及端蓋將發電機的定子,轉子連接組裝起來,使轉子能在定子中旋轉,做切割磁力線的運動,從而產生感應電勢,通過接線端子引出,接在回路中,便產生了電流。

  The generator biogas generator set by the bearing and end cover of the generator stator and rotor assembly connected together, so that the rotor can rotate in the stator, to cut magnetic force lines, thus induced EMF, leads to the terminals, connected to the circuit, they generate electricity.

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  Above is a small series on the introduction of biogas generating units, you are welcome to pay attention to us, we would like to be loyal to your service, and hope and you become a long-term partner, let us work together for tomorrow!