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Firstly, the combustion of fuels of low calorific value, unit output decreased significantly, a burning low calorific value 8000 kcal / cubic meters of natural gas as fuel for 500 kilowatt gas internal combustion generating units, in the use of low calorific value of 4000 kcal / m3 coking gas, the output may decline to 3.5 ~ 400KW.
In addition, the internal combustion engine need frequent replacement of oil, and the spark plug, the material consumption of relatively large, but also affect the equipment availability and reliability of two main equipment utilization index, the equipment utilization rate is relatively large, sometimes have to take measures to increase power generation units, to eliminate the influence of low utilization rate.
Internal combustion gas turbine equipment of coking and gas content of the water molecular and hydrogen sulfide is more sensitive, could lead to the hydrogen sulfide and water to form sulfuric acid corrosion problems and need to take some necessary measures to overcome them. Gas turbine is suitable to the perhydrous low calorific value and gas containing more impurities of low-grade fuel, some gas turbines and even the use of crude oil and high sulfur residual fuel.
The gas turbine power generation efficiency is not high, generally in 30% ~ 35%. The utility model has the advantages of adaptability for fuel, relatively strong, sulfur, with high dust problem is not large; again is the power output generally will not be reduced, even as fuel intake air quantity can be increased; in addition, gas turbine power density is large and the volume is small, more suitable for moving again, facilitate transfer of field operation, which for some uncertainty in the coking plant project of coking gas utilization is very favorable.
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