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1. Pay attention to the place of use


1) Generators shall not be used in the vicinity of inflammable and explosive data.


D88尊龙2) Generators should be placed outdoors or in the well-ventilated center of the engine room during operation. They should not be close to doors, windows and vents to prevent carbon monoxide from entering the room.


3) Generators should be placed in a dry center. If open-air devices are needed, canopy-type buildings must be used to shield them from contact accidents due to wetness.


2. Pay attention to the storage and operation of fuel oil



D88尊龙1) Generator fuel shall be deposited in a special warehouse, and the equipment in the warehouse shall conform to the rules of the fire department.


D88尊龙2) The fuel varieties used shall be in accordance with the requirements on the generator operation instructions or labels.


3) Before adding fuel, the generator should be shut down, and then added after the generator is cooled, so as to avoid the fire of the fuel on the parts with higher temperature and to cause disaster.


3. Pay attention to the connection of generators


1) When using lengthened wires, make sure that the insulation between them and the ground is good.


2) The specifications of outdoor wires must be able to meet the requirements of electrical loads used.


3) The outlet of the generator can not be directly inserted into the original power socket of the house to supply electricity, which will constitute a reaction, and may cause an electric shock accident for the user supplied by the same transformer. The correct connection mode is the electrical device power conversion switch.


4. No other fuels can be added into the diesel oil of the unit.


D88尊龙If there are other fuels in diesel oil, the extinguishing performance will be significantly worse, which will lead to difficult starting and even unable to start. Other fuel entering the cylinder will also wash the smooth oil film of the cylinder and accelerate the wear of the cylinder.


5. Keep diesel clean.


D88尊龙Before using oil drum to inject diesel oil, it is necessary to deposit abundantly, and the depositing time should be more than 3 days. When refueling, it should also be carefully filtered to prevent mechanical impurities from mixing in. The cleanliness of oil storage containers and oil tools should also be adhered to during operation.


6. Choose high-quality diesel as far as possible.


The quality of diesel oil is directly related to the normal operation of diesel engine. If poor quality diesel oil is used, on the one hand, due to poor extinguishing, it will reduce the power of diesel engine and make it lack of power; on the other hand, if used for a long time, it will accelerate the wear and tear of various parts of the fuel system and reduce the service life of diesel engine. Therefore, diesel oil with good quality and suitable brand should be selected as far as possible.