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目前,燃氣發電機組是一種以液化氣、自然氣等可燃氣體為熄滅物,替代汽油、柴油作為發起機動力的新型,高效的新能源發電機。燃氣發電機具有輸出功率范圍廣,啟動和運轉牢靠高、發電質量好、重量輕、體積小、維護簡單、低頻噪聲小等優點。 燃氣發電機具有輸出功率范圍廣,啟動和運轉牢靠高、發電質量好、重量輕、體積小、維護簡單、低頻噪聲小等優點,普通它們具有以下四個優點:

D88尊龙At present, the gas-fired generating unit is a new and efficient new energy generator, which uses liquefied gas, natural gas and other combustible gases as extinguishers and replaces gasoline and diesel as the power of the initiator. Gas generator has the advantages of wide output power range, reliable start-up and operation, good power quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance, low frequency noise and so on. Gas-fired generators have the advantages of wide output power range, reliable start-up and operation, good power quality, light weight, small volume, simple maintenance and low frequency noise. Generally, they have the following four advantages:


1. Good startup performance and high success rate of startup


D88尊龙The time from successful cold start to full load is only 30 seconds, while the international rules for diesel generators with load 3 minutes after successful start. Gas turbine generators can guarantee the success rate of start-up under any ambient temperature and climate.



D88尊龙2. Good quality of power generation


As long as the generator unit rotates, the response speed of the electric regulation is fast, the work is particularly stable, the accuracy of the output voltage and frequency of the generator unit is high, and the shaking is small. When the load is reduced by 50% and 75% in the suddenly added air, the assembly of the generating unit is very stable. Gas-fired generating units are superior to diesel-fired generating units in terms of electrical performance.


3. The combustible gases used are clean and low-cost energy sources.


For example: gas, straw gas, biogas and so on. Generators fueled by them not only operate reliably, cost is low, but also can turn waste into treasure and do not produce pollution.


4. Low noise and low vibration


D88尊龙Because the gas turbine is in the high speed rotating state, its vibration is very small, and the low frequency noise is better than the diesel generator set.

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