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Adjustment method for valve gap of biogas generator


The biogas generator not only solves the environmental problems in the biogas project, but also consumes a lot of waste to maintain the environment, reduces the greenhouse gas emissions, and turns waste into treasure, and produces a lot of heat and energy. In this skill, the biogas generator is indispensable. The biogas generator is needed in the process of operation. Pay attention to adjust the valve clearance, the following for us to introduce in detail the gas generator valve clearance adjusting methods:


D88尊龙1. The biogas generator set unloads the cylinder head housing before adjusting the valve clearance, and then rolls the crankshaft to align the pointer of the flywheel housing inspection window with the timekeeping "0" line on the flywheel. During operation, the pointer deformation should be avoided and the pointer should be placed between the two limiting lines on the flywheel housing. At this point, the fourteenth cylinder of the 4 cylinder engine and the sixteenth cylinder of the 6 cylinder engine are at TDC.



2. decide which cylinder in the top end cylinder is at the beginning of the swell stroke. The rolling crankshaft can be slightly rolled to investigate whether the intake and exhaust are all stopped. When the crankshaft rolls, the cylinder that does not move between the intake and exhaust valves is located at the starting point of the expansion stroke.


D88尊龙3. the biogas generator set can adjust the valve gap after pressing the starting point of the expansion stroke.


4. When adjusting the valve clearance, first use the wrench and screwdriver, loosen the lock nut and adjusting screw on the rocker arm, according to the regular clearance value choose thick gauge (also known as lifting slice) pierced between the rocker arm and the valve, and then screw adjusting screw. Stop when the rocker arm and valve touch the gauge, but the gauge can still be moved, tighten the nut, and finally move the gauge again.


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