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D88尊龙Coke oven gas is one of the main by-products of the coking industry. Every ton of Coke will produce about 300-350 m3 coke oven gas. About 40-50% of coke oven gas is used for burning in the furnace. The rest of the gas must be recycled by special recovery devices, otherwise it can only be burned and discharged into the atmosphere. Some small enterprises, because coking produces less coke oven gas, investment in methanol, fertilizer and other projects may not reach the scale, cost advantage is not obvious, so the coke oven gas power generation is a small investment, effective way.

QQ截圖20171025151846.jpg2.   內燃式焦爐煤氣發電機組的性能特點
2. performance characteristics of internal combustion coke oven gas generating set
The working principle of the coke oven gas internal combustion engine generator set is similar to that of the automobile engine. It needs to be ignited by spark plug. The efficiency of the internal combustion engine is much higher than that of the steam turbine and gas turbine because the working temperature in the cylinder reaches 14 000? And the power generation efficiency is more than 35%. Its characteristics are:
2.1 compact structure, small volume, less occupation.
2.2 the thermal efficiency is high, which is 10% higher than that of steam turbine and gas turbine.
2.3 easy operation and quick start.
2.4, the scope of selection can be wider and several or more machines can be used.
2.5 because of simple process and less investment, automatic control can be carried out.
At the end of 2010, our company purchased 3 sets of BG12V190DJ gas-fired internal combustion generating units from Nantong, Jiangsu Province. They have been running steadily since they were connected to the grid in 2011. The power generation power reaches 1500KW or so, which can save 30-40% of the annual electricity consumption and create considerable economic benefits for the enterprises.
3.   內燃式焦爐煤氣發電機組做為備用電源的設計
3. design of internal combustion type coke oven gas generator set as standby power supply
3.1 After the coke oven gas internal combustion engine generator set is composed of an internal local power supply network, a set of synchronization device is installed at the low-voltage main switch of the main distribution room, which can be used by the enterprise after the synchronization device and the low-voltage power supply of the market are connected to the grid.
3.2 Installing a set of inverse power protection modules at the low-voltage main switch of the main distribution room can prevent the power generated by the generator from being sent back into the municipal power grid when the external power grid is cut off.
3.3 When power failure occurs in the external network, the low-voltage main switch controls the circuit breaker to jump through the reverse power module, and the generator turns into an isolated network to ensure the normal operation of the main equipment such as blower, circulating ammonia pump and so on. It can avoid the pyrotechnic pollution of the coke oven caused by blower shutdown, and if the power is large enough, it can also ensure the normal production of the coke oven.
3.4 when the external network is powered again, it can be connected to the grid again through the main switch.
D88尊龙3.5 Generator Set can monitor all kinds of temperature, pressure, voltage, current parameters and automatically adjust gas, cooling water and other flow through the program-controlled computer software to ensure the normal operation of the generator set.