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D88尊龙As a distributed energy supply system, the CCHP system of the internal combustion generating set has high energy utilization and good economy. During the actual operation, the internal combustion generator can solve the problems of water temperature control, waste heat recovery and management at the same time, and can realize many functions, such as multi grade heat source input, multi type heat user heat output and waste heat heat energy management.


The internal combustion generating set has the advantages of mature technology, low price, high efficiency and good part load characteristics. Therefore, it has a great development prospect to establish a cold and power cogeneration system based on internal combustion generator.



D88尊龙Due to the characteristics of the gas combustion engine, the cold and power CO supply system of the internal combustion generator generally takes the way of "electricity fixed heat", that is, the corresponding waste heat recovery and utilization are carried out on the premise of meeting the electric load demand of the electric users. In terms of waste heat recovery, the temperature of cylinder liner water and flue gas as the residual heat source is quite different, and there is a great difference in quantity.

在對缸套水余熱利用的過程中,需要控制缸套水水溫在一定的范圍內,否則影響內燃發電機組的安全運行。一般來說,缸套水工作溫度的正常范圍在 80~90°C。在余熱利用方面,冷熱電聯供系統存在多熱用戶熱量供應問題:生活熱水、熱驅動制冷機和蓄熱水箱屬于不同類型的熱用戶。因此,內燃發電機組冷熱電聯供系統既可以控制內燃發電機組缸套水溫度,又可實現多品位熱源輸入、多種類熱用戶熱量輸出和余熱熱能管理等多種功能,具有結構緊湊、安全可靠等優點。

D88尊龙In the process of utilizing the waste heat of cylinder liner, it is necessary to control the water temperature of the cylinder liner in a certain range, otherwise it will affect the safe operation of the internal combustion generating set. Generally speaking, the normal temperature range of cylinder liner water is 80~90 degree C. In the use of waste heat, there is a problem of heat supply for multi heat users: hot water, heat driven refrigerator and storage tank belong to different types of heat users. Therefore, the cold and power combined supply system of internal combustion generator can not only control the water temperature of the cylinder sleeve of the internal combustion generator group, but also can realize many functions such as multi grade heat source input, many kinds of heat output and heat energy management of waste heat. It has the advantages of compact structure, safety and reliability.

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