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At present, the domestic market of this type of generating units, are high-speed machine, is not conducive to the burning of combustible gas mixture. So what is the technical characteristics of the coking unit?1、可以高、中電壓輸出,降低初始投資和運行成本
1, can be high, medium voltage output, reduce the initial investment and operating costs
My company production of coking generating units can be custom v high, medium and low voltage output, to meet the different needs of various users, avoid buying transformer of the initial investment, to reduce the copper loss and reduce the operation cost; both grid connected and can directly drive the load to use, greatly improving the unit of economic benefits and social benefits.
2, large diameter constant power output unit
Has advantages of large bore, long stroke, low speed, power reserve, than high-speed unit is more suitable for the characteristics of low gas pressure is coking generating units of the best original motivation, to ensure continued and constant power output.
3, low speed to ensure the service life of the unit
Low speed allows the engine to reduce wear, prolong the service life of the parts, reduce spare parts reserve, improve economic benefits of the user. For example: low speed, on the shaft and bearing clearance requirements low, shaft and bearing wear small, less tile zoned phenomenon.
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