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D88尊龙(1) adapt to the concentration range of gas and gas 8% to 30%, which is suitable for the large fluctuation of the gas source of coal bed gas, and can ensure the output power of the unit keeps constant.


(2) low concentration gas transport system, using the flame cold wall extinguishing fire, wet water seal resistance fire, wet water mist escort and other measures to ensure the transport safety, for the long distance pipeline system can also be used mixed fine water mist companion.



(3) using the electronic control mixer technology and the closed loop automatic control technology, the optimal control of the optimal air engine ratio and the best ignition advance angle can be realized. The optimal control of the ignition advance angle can be realized through detonation monitoring. The engine can work in the best state and prevent the engine from deflagration, the intake pipe tempering and the exhaust pipe firing. And so on.


(4) adopt the ignition system produced by ALTRONIC company in order to get high ignition energy and precise ignition time, and ensure the safety and reliability of ignition.


(5) the speed of generating set is low, the wear of engine is reduced, the service life of machine parts is prolonged, and the spare parts reserve is reduced.


(6) the double-layer water-cooled exhaust pipe structure is adopted. The exhaust temperature is low and the combustion is enough. The temperature of each cylinder is uniform.


D88尊龙(7) the CBM engine has developed a gas engine intelligent management system, which can ensure the safe and efficient operation of the gas engine, and can realize the remote monitoring of the gas engine group.