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1, the bearing oscillation is large. The one or two big axis with the exciter, because the bearing long, with more additional equipment, oscillation is very difficult to control the natural minimum. Natural gas generator long-term operation, fatigue, aging and so on random factors caused the bearing oscillation increase, brush vibrated, the brush is uneven, and the lead column friction spring loose, attack the local sparks gradually further affect the overall situation.


D88尊龙2, the brush is unclean. Most people ignore this point, the normal operation of the generator brush in sealed cabinet, polar brush center is sheathed on the shaft gear shaped axial fan, by rotation of the rotor to ground heating under the graphite powder, brush the time off, to clean the cooling effect.



If the door is not closed, or forget to close when inspecting, the dust outside is accompanied by hot air to suck into the brush, and it is attached to the brush post, on the one hand, it will affect the heat dissipation of the brush. On the other hand, when the brush stroke is unclean, the insulation strength between the brush columns is not very simple.


There are spiral grooves on the slip ring, which is to add the heat dissipation area of the brush, improve the touch with the brush, make the brush more cool, and make the carbon powder easier to pump away.


If the door of the cabinet is not strictly closed, the power of the electric fan is lack of dust and it is easily attached to the spiral groove. The result is imaginable. The excitation electromechanical brush is exposed to the outside in consideration of its low voltage level, and it is also suggested that the maintenance and repair be regularly cleaned. In the last few days, my factory had a magnetic brush sparking and was forced to stop. Many reasons, often small things turned into a catastrophe.