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Installation steps of cylinder liner of gas generator set:
1. Will not fitted with rubber sealing ring of cylinder cover is sleeved into the gas turbine in the body, force in the end will be pressing cylinder, then depth points per cent caliper to measure the cylinder sleeve end surface of the convex body top surface distance. This distance should be 0.04~0.15mm.
Shared stretch. Check the cylinder head of two cylinder sleeve end protruding of gas generating unit body top surface distance difference is within 0.04 mm and beyond should be equipped with a cylinder sleeve.
3. Installed as required sealing rubber hydrosphere, cylinder is sheathed in the gas generator set body, at the same time in the specified location, respectively, along the central line of the crankshaft and vertical crankshaft centre line direction measurement of cylinder sleeve hole size, specified inside diameter 135mm its roundness and bus and the hole axis parallelism allows poor 0.015mm.
When the engine is to be inspected, the gas generator set should be checked if there is a hole in the water interlayer wall of the cylinder block of the gas generator set. Can not repair perforation carefully, suffocated, but not make with surface damage and deformation. At the same time to clean up the blocked water, oil road.