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D88尊龙1, the biogas engine with Cummins diesel B series, C series, N series, K series diesel engine for the development of the body, according to the physical characteristics of biogas fuel, the main heat load components re design, such as cylinder head, piston, piston ring, exhaust valve, and the gas distribution optimization phase, prolonged use life in the condition when the engine heat load. It's a real biogas engine.


2, precise ignition control: electronic control (ECU) sequential ignition system. According to the operation condition of biogas generator set, it is calibrated in real time by software, and the load ignition MAP diagram is compiled to accurately control the ignition time. The high energy independent ignition coil is added to improve the combustion efficiency and reduce the temperature of the engine. The starting performance of the unit is good, and it is stable and reliable.



3. The high performance biogas governor: the speed fluctuation is small, the transient response is fast, and the output power is high. Even if the pressure of the pipe methane is fluctuating, the unit can work steadily. The performance index of the unit is as follows:


Adjustment rate of steady state speed


D88尊龙Transient speed adjustment rate


Frequency fluctuation rate


D88尊龙Steady state voltage adjustment


Stability time ≤ 2 seconds


4, low fuel consumption: the use of turbocharging technology to increase the output of 25% more than the ordinary unit, improve the thermal efficiency of the engine.


5, preheating and recycling: the Swedish brazing heat exchanger is used to recover the waste heat from cylinder liner and flue gas, and generate 85 degree hot water to heat the biogas pool and increase biogas production. The total thermal efficiency of the unit is more than 85%. (can be designed according to the specific requirements of the guest.)


6, high efficiency mixer: imported proportional equivalent biogas mixer, and automatically maintain the best mixture ratio of methane and air. Meet the quality requirements of different methane content.


D88尊龙7, unit control cabinet: according to the requirements of farmers, we use shockproof water temperature meter, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, voltmeter and frequency meter. The operation data of the unit is intuitive and easy to operate.


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