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1, poor quality of engine oil. The quality of the oil viscosity grade and lower grade, or different grades of oil blending, resulting in the use of the property of oil is not up to the requirements; in the process of using oil mixed with a large amount of dust, as well as for the diesel engine high temperature make the oil oxidation. Oxidation deterioration of the engine oil is black, Matt, increase in concentration, with two fingers twist engine oil, feel oil in the dust, impurities, etc.. If the engine oil appears above, it must be replaced in time.



2, oil thinning. As part of the diesel engine fuel injection pump lubrication pressure lubrication, once the fuel injection pump and lubricating oil seal failure. When the diesel oil enters the lubricating oil chamber, the lubricating oil will be diluted and deteriorated. In addition, if the water jacket has cracks or trachoma pores, will make the cooling water into the oil in the oil thinning.

3、可檢查柴油機上部零件是否有水蒸氣或水珠。若發現使用中機油容量增加,濃度下降,粘度降低,并有生油味則說明機油中混入柴油。 尤其是冬天,大家更應該使用質量好的機油。

D88尊龙3. Check whether the upper part of diesel engine has water vapor or water drops. If the oil capacity is increased, the concentration is decreased, the viscosity is reduced, and the oil generating flavor is indicated, diesel oil is mixed with diesel oil. Especially in the winter, you should use good quality oil.


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