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Gas generator sets have many advantages, such as wide range of power output, high reliability of starting and running, good quality of power generation, light weight, small size, simple maintenance, low frequency noise and so on. Generally, they have the following three advantages:
First, the operation cost of gas generators is low: new energy, turning waste into treasure, and environmental protection and clean emission are becoming the first choice of users.

Two. Gas generator set has good start-up performance and high start-up success rate. From the cold start to full load time is only 30 seconds, while the provisions of the successful start of diesel generator with 3 minutes load. The gas turbine generator unit can guarantee the success rate of start-up under any environmental temperature and climate.
Three 、 the noise of the gas generator is low and the vibration is small. Because the steam turbine is in high speed rotating state, its vibration is very small, and the low frequency noise is better than the diesel generator set.
四、燃氣發電機組采用的可燃性氣體是清潔、廉價的能源 ,諸如:油田伴生氣、瓦絲氣、結桿氣、沼氣等 ,以它們為燃料的發電機組不僅運行可靠,成本低,而且能變廢為寶,不會產生污染。
Combustible gas, four gas generator is used to clean, cheap energy, such as oil field gas, gas, gas, rod Wa Si gas turbine fuel, they are not only reliable operation, low cost, and can not produce waste pollution.
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