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As we all know, biogas and gas generating units are widely used generating units, all through the combustion of gas power generation, then what are the main differences between the two? The following by the biogas generator sets of small manufacturers for everyone to brief introduction.



D88尊龙1, natural gas volume is big, can be used in power plant power generation, use of gas turbine inlet temperature is high, power, combustion chamber and blade high temperature performance requirements, high exhaust temperature, generally more than 600 degrees. Small amount of biogas, small combustion heat, small power, low inlet temperature and exhaust temperature, low equipment requirements.


2, natural gas power generation generally use combined cycle, gas turbine exhaust in the waste heat boiler heating water, produce certain parameters of superheated steam, steam into the steam turbine work. Methane exhaust can be discharged directly into the atmosphere. The composition of gas and biogas is basically the same. Gas generator sets meet the requirements of environmental protection and market, and have high popularization and utilization value.


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