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There are three ways to judge a gas turbine fault:



Pay attention to self diagnosis when the gas generator sets are out of order. On the one hand, the fault scope of natural gas generator sets is investigated. On the one hand, the reasons are discussed. It is impossible to create a diagnosis, self diagnosis system can all of its possible fault so the inspection and judgment in an intuitive diagnosis method based work at any time on any system, are irreplaceable. Mastering the fault characteristics of natural gas generator sets by means of watching, listening and testing.


D88尊龙1: look at the natural gas generator system type, type, etc., to determine the specific root cause of the failure. Check whether the vacuum hose is aging, broken or squeezed, and check the way the vacuum hose passes and whether the joint is good or not. Check the connection status of control system of wire harness, such as sensors and actuators of the electric wire harness is good, whether the connection between loose or broken wires are worn or short line, plug and socket connector has no corrosion phenomenon.


D88尊龙2: Listen: mainly listen to the work of the unit when the sound, whether or not knock, whether knock cylinder, whether stall, different parts of the different work noise, such as abnormal. This requires long-term experience to accumulate to be able to judge accurately.


3, test: mainly in accordance with the foregoing inspection, targeted testing machine, in order to enter the asynchronous to determine the failure.


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