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D88尊龙柴油發電機組其意義在于提高發電機組操作的安全性和環保性。在研究中 ,燃油摻水經過證實是一個能夠改善柴油發電機組污染問題的好方法。下面為大家具體介紹燃油摻水的兩種方法:燃油摻水的方法有進氣管噴水和乳化柴油等。

D88尊龙The purpose of diesel generator set is to improve the safety and environmental protection of generator set operation. In the study, fuel water was proved to be a good way to improve the pollution of diesel generating sets. Here we introduce specific fuel water two ways: fuel water mixing methods, intake pipes, water jet and emulsified diesel oil, etc..



1 、 intake pipe water spraying

D88尊龙進氣管噴水的主要作用是吸熱和稀釋燃油密度。促進了混合氣的形成和燃燒.在燃燒過程中由于水的吸熱作用可 使高燃燒溫度降低,如水與油混合噴入可降低燃油密度,使高燃燒 溫度進一步降低,因此NOx排放減少。需要注意的是柴油發電機組冬季 儲水箱需防凍,并要求隨負荷大小自動調節噴水量等。

The main function of intake pipe water injection is to absorb heat and dilute fuel density. To promote the formation and combustion of mixed gas. In the combustion process due to the endothermic role of water can make the maximum combustion temperature is reduced, such as water and oil injection can reduce the density of the fuel, the maximum combustion temperature is further reduced, thus reducing NOx emission. It should be noted that the diesel generator sets need antifreeze in winter storage tanks, and require automatic adjustment of water injection with load size.


2 、 emulsified diesel oil

在柴油中摻水,使其燃油霧化 良好,井促使燃燒室內的空氣形成強烈紊流,燃油與空氣的分布更加均 勻,生成的炭煙減少,水蒸氣的水煤氣反應也使炭煙排放降低。另外,乳化柴油可降低高燃燒溫度,因此NOx生成量減少。

D88尊龙Water in diesel fuel, the fuel atomization is good, well to air the formation of strong turbulence, the distribution of fuel and air is more uniform, the generation of soot reduction, water gas reaction of water vapor also reduced smoke emissions. In addition, emulsified diesel fuel can reduce the maximum combustion temperature, so the amount of NOx production is reduced.


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