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D88尊龙The natural gas generator is a kind of environmental protection and energy saving generator. Its structure is simple, the use is safe and reliable, and the output voltage and frequency are stable.


D88尊龙Contains natural turbine engine, generator, controller, and optional device stabilized filtering device, gas-liquid separation device, connected to the engine and generator are coaxial, and placed in the chassis, the muffler and the governor coupled to the engine, the gas channel inside the engine by natural gas source, a voltage regulator with recoil starter the rope on the engine and connected with the output end of the generator is connected. The combustible gas contained in the gas source is natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas, or marsh gas.



The gas generator filter unit is used to protect the valve of the gas pipeline, and the pore size of the filter shall be no more than 1.5MM.


Natural gas pressure filtration device is the main and key equipment of gas turbine transmission process, is mainly responsible for regulating and stabilizing voltage function, but also bear the filtering, metering, deodorization, gas distribution of one or more functions.


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