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D88尊龙  沼氣發電機組保養和維護相對于柴油機的特別之處:基本的保養和維護都同于相對應柴油機組,下面特別指出燃氣機組變動后的特別保養和維護部分,為了適應天然氣或沼氣的燃燒有兩個主要的改進,一是使天然氣或沼氣與空氣按合適的比例良好混合;二是將混合氣及時有效點燃而做功。

Biogas generator set maintenance and maintenance compared with the diesel engine is special: basic maintenance and maintenance are the same as the corresponding diesel generator, under the special pointed out that after the change of gas generator set of special maintenance and maintenance, in order to meet the combustion of natural gas or biogas has two main improvements, one is to make the gas or methane mixed with air good proper proportions; The second is to make the mixture efficient and efficient. 


D88尊龙Gas generation: 


D88尊龙Natural inspirations: the piston moves naturally. Applicable range, single cylinder and most gas engine 

D88尊龙  2、渦輪增壓:利用煙氣渦輪增加進氣量,強制進氣。適用范圍:大多數柴油發電機組及部分汽油機。


Turbo-charged: the gas turbine is used to increase the air intake and force the inlet. Applicable range: most diesel generators and some gasoline engines. 


Pressurized medium cold: air medium cold and turbocharged. 

D88尊龙  天然氣發電機組的使用過程中應該注意的事項有哪些?

What are the considerations for the use of natural gas generators? 

D88尊龙  1、為了保證絕對安全,天然氣發電機組機房應遠離明火區域;

D88尊龙In order to ensure absolute safety, the gas generator room should be kept away from the open fire area. 

D88尊龙  2、做好室內安裝照明、開關、線路及其電器應的防爆措施;

The explosion prevention measures for lighting, switches, wiring and electrical appliances in indoor installations; 

D88尊龙  3、完善消防措施,配備滅火器等消防器械;

Improve fire control measures and fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishers; 


Combustible gas alarm device should be installed in the engine room of the gas generator unit, which can be found in time when gas leakage from gas generator is released. 


The best choice is spacious, bright and requires the installation of ventilation fans to ensure good ventilation and the use of the units. 

D88尊龙  6、天然氣發電機組安裝時底盤與地基應用平墊鐵找平,接觸面積應在60%以上,且分布均勻。

D88尊龙When the gas generator set is installed, the chassis and the foundation shall be flat, the contact area should be over 60% and the distribution is uniform. 


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