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  Biogas power generation unit and gas generating sets are more widely used gas generator set, by combustion gas power generation, what is the main difference between the two?


D88尊龙  1, gas quantity is bigger, can be used for power generation, the use of gas turbine inlet temperature is high, big power, the combustion chamber and blade high temperature resistant performance is high, high exhaust temperature, 600 degrees of above commonly. Small amount of methane and combustion to produce heat is small, small power, inlet temperature and exhaust temperature is low, low equipment requirements.

D88尊龙  2、天然氣發電一般采用聯合循環,燃氣輪機排氣在余熱鍋爐中加熱水,產生一定參數的過熱蒸汽,蒸汽進入蒸汽輪機做功。沼氣排氣可以直接排入大氣。

  2, generally adopts the combined cycle natural gas power generation, gas turbine exhaust add hot water to the waste heat boiler, produce certain parameters of superheated steam, the steam into the steam turbine to do work. Methane drainage can be directly discharged into the atmosphere.


  And methane gas composition is basically the same, the emergence of the gas generator set to adapt to the requirements of environmental protection and market needs, has a high popularization value.

D88尊龙  以上就是給用戶介紹的沼氣發電機組和燃氣發電機組的主要區別,希望能給用戶帶來幫助。

D88尊龙  Above is the introduction of biogas power generation units to users and the main difference between gas generator, hoping to bring help to the user.