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  柴油發電機組機體多處都是采用壓力密封的形式,如汽缸套、活塞、活塞環間,增壓器、增壓器轉子軸間,這種密封一般在發動機有約1/3負荷時,才充分發揮作用,若發電機組長時間低負載下運行會出現以下故障:發電機組  Diesel generating set is more than the body in the form of pressure seal, such as cylinder, piston ring, piston, turbocharger, supercharger rotor shaft, this seal in the engine, about one-third of the load to give full play to the role, if the generator group leader time under low load operation will appear the following failures:


D88尊龙  Blue smoke coming 1.


  Piston and cylinder liner seal is bad, the oil is up, burning into the combustion chamber, the exhaust blue smoke.


D88尊龙  2. The oil straggling


D88尊龙  For supercharged diesel engine, due to low load and no-load, boost pressure is low. Easily resulting in a decline in the sealing effect of the turbocharger oil seal, oil into the pumping chamber, along with the air inlet into the cylinder.


  3. The carbon deposit

D88尊龙  上竄至汽缸的一部分機油參與燃燒,一部分機油不能完全燃燒,在氣門、進氣道、活塞頂、活塞環等處形成積炭,還有一部分則隨排氣排出。這樣,汽缸套排氣道內就會逐步積聚機油,也會形成積炭。

  Is up to the part of the cylinder oil burnt, part of the oil can't complete combustion, at the top of the valve, inlet, piston, piston ring, the place such as the formation of coke, and part with the exhaust. In this way, the cylinder jacket exhaust passage for oil will gradually accumulate, also can form carbon deposit.


  Leakage of 4.

D88尊龙  增壓器的增壓室內機油積聚到一定程度,就會從增壓器的結合面處滲漏出。

D88尊龙  Supercharger turbo indoor oil accumulation to a certain degree, is seeping from the combination of the supercharger surface.


D88尊龙  5. Part wear

D88尊龙  長期低負荷運行,將會更嚴重的導致運動部件磨損加劇,發動機燃燒環境惡化等導致大修期提前的后果。

D88尊龙  Long-term low load operation, will lead to the moving parts wear more serious, combustion engine overhaul period of early consequences such as environmental degradation.

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