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  The biogas generator unit body damage repair methods and principle of weaver:

D88尊龙  1、凍裂。這是冬季柴油發電機容易發生的損壞。機體出現的裂紋只有在不受力的部位才可以用冷焊法修復。首先在裂紋兩端打止裂孔,然后沿裂紋栽若干顆鐵釘,再垂直于裂紋方向補板若干塊,用低碳鋼焊條沿裂紋和補板焊牢。注意邊焊邊用小錘輕敲焊縫,全部焊完后再用火焰矯正。

D88尊龙  1, the frost crack. This is winter diesel generator the most prone to damage. The body appear crack only without mechanical parts of the cold welding method can be used to repair. On both ends of the crack to play the check in first, and then planted some nails, along the crack perpendicular to the direction of crack filling several boards again, with low carbon steel electrode along cracks and filling plate welded. Pay attention to the edge, edge with a small hammer tapping welding with all correction after welding with a flame.

D88尊龙  2、上下平衡軸端205軸承孔磨損。這種情況必須馬上修理。軸承孔磨損較輕時,可用加大205軸承外圓法修復,在軸承外圈用氧焊將鋼絲對稱點在個小點,用銼修正一下,然后壓入軸承孔即可使用。另一種方法是用2毫米厚的鐵板做一個內孔為50毫米的大平墊,在平墊和機體上做三個絲孔,用平頭螺釘固定上去。當軸承孔磨損嚴重時,可以鏜大原孔鑲套,并在鑲入的襯套和機體結合部做三個小絲孔,用螺釘固定。

D88尊龙  2, up and down balance shaft end 205 bearing hole wear. This situation must be repaired immediately. Bearing hole wear lighter, available increase 205 bearing outer circle method to repair, and the bearing outer ring with oxygen welding wire symmetry points in a small, use file to fix, then pressed into the bearing hole can be used. Another method is to use 2 mm thick plate to do a hole for 50 mm pad, the Pacific Ocean in three wire hole is done on flat pad and the body, with flat head screws up. When worn bearing hole, and assembling can be boring and the original hole and insert the bushing and the integration of a body to do three small orifice, with screws.


D88尊龙  3, cylinder head bolt hole slide wire or damaged. This kind of situation is due to the tight cylinder head nuts when too much force or dao cylinder. If the individual wire hole slide wire, wire to change, and one with the silk hole form a complete set of cylinder head bolt. If the wire hole breakage or multiple orifice slide wire is not fixed.


D88尊龙  4, trachoma. With steel tap hole first, then use aluminium wire plug, or blocked by spot welding method.


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